Victoria Nguyen Photography is moving!

What a bittersweet blog post to make, when I started my photography career I never knew I would love Mississippi so much. It was always in my plans to move to Tampa, Florida one year after graduating to find a career! Who would have thought my photography journey would skyrocket there.

It's been officially one week since moving to Tampa, Florida and I been soaking it all up from the palm trees to the ocean blue water! The summer heat and traffic have definitely been my biggest adjustment for sure and creating a new routine for myself! I have been grateful to have sessions booked prior to my move and have been kept busy with that!

How I prepared my business for the move!

I prepared my business months in advanced before the actual move! To gain wedding clients and sessions I was on social media and Facebook groups at all hours consistently promoting my move. I stopped tagging Mississippi as my based location and change everything on my website to socials to Tampa, Florida! This helped me tremendously and allowed me to have a few clients scheduled for when I actually made my move. When I traveled to Tampa I also attended and tried to book as many sessions as I could to use for promoting!

The biggest thing for me was connecting with the community and regaining my vendor friends! I am still working on this but I followed every photographer in Florida I could find as well as planners, venues, and florist! Doing these few things have helped me BIG when moving my business from Biloxi, Ms to Tampa, Fl.

Why Tampa, Florida?

It was already in my plans to move to Tampa prior to starting my photography career! My other half Gabe has been living over there for 3 years now running his business and we have also been long distance during that time and we always planned to live in Tampa instead of Mississippi due to the amazing opportunities there! I have also always loved the idea of living in the city but also close to the beach! We also both love Disney so Tampa, Florida was a no brainer to settle down in! I can't wait to serve new clients in this beautiful new city and as always thank you for supporting me and my business from anywhere!

Lots of love,


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